40 Sins that Put People into Hell List and Helpful Video


Watch his video below. This girl actually died and was sent back.  How she has a ministry.  Don’t underestimate her because she young or attractive.  She is young in her knowledge of terminology but her understanding is powerfully spot on.  You may want to listen to this twice.

You can see her testimony here about her dying and being sent back to come to life – very powerful.

Also below is a list of many of the sins is actually talking about in this video.  The list of sins is from this website was granted copyright permission. We actually just did a screenshot so visit out website and you’ll be able to click on the links for the Bible verses.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Stop listening to, following easy gospel preachers, churches
  • Every single Heaven and Hell visitation video I have seen, which are many, thanks to technology but also due to the approaching highly probable and times scenario (plus we never know our own individual time in death), talks about obeying Jesus and not sinning for Heaven or Hell.
  • Unfortunately most people get the idea that it’s okay to soon problems “That’s just the way it is”.  That’s very unfortunate. We are to obey the commands of Jesus throughout the New Testament (the apostles reiterate the commands of Jesus and expound upon them).  When we obey Jesus commands we actually stop sinning.  For installing the commands of Jesus uninstalls our sin beliefs.  Sin beliefs are beliefs ‘giving us permission’ to sin over and over.
  • Sin keeps us out of Heaven.  One can’t pull out Bible versus that talk about these verses, the “scary verses”.  We have to preach the ENTIRE Bible, the ENTIRE New Testament and understand EVERY verse. We are only covered by Jesus if we are abiding in Him. We are abiding in Him if we do His commands, believe His commands.
  • When we believe Jesus commands then we do what we believe!
  • It takes work, hard work to overcome your sinful flesh nature by installing the commands of Jesus.  One by one you and I need to get that done.  Everyone of these soon, sin habits below need to be routed out completely.  You overcome your sin nature by obeying Jesus, doing what He says from His Word the Bible and directly through the Holy Spirit.
  • Then you’ll see the persecution Jesus talks about being Jesus follower which is highly rewarded.  But if you are sinning like the world no one will bother you.

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