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I can promise you this:  Doing a read the Bible in 3 times or 5 times in a year will be one of the best things you’ve ever experienced!  Just make sure you go through the Bible Reading System Light that I give you for Free.

 A verse two of the Bible reading plans it Is not enough. Even reading the Bible one time a year is not enough.  Time is very limited.  Your personal time maybe very limited.  You need to do this right.  Once your life on earth is done then that’s it.  There are no more chances.  So you and I need to scramble to do things right and make things right with the Lord.  We are only going to know how to do this through the Bible.

You need to know exactly what’s in the Bible and understand it and then you need to do it.  Do not listen to what everyone else is doing or rely on your church, denomination.  We will be held accountable to making Jesus our Lord and obeying all He says.  Just ask Howard Pittman

Our Bible reading system will show you how to read and understand the Bible in volume rapidly. We use the subconscious. The subconscious can work with the Lord to Bring about larger volumes of comprehension by revealing answers throughout different parts of the Bible, direct communication to you and or arranged experiences, experiences with others demonstrating to you the lesson to be learned.

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