Commands of Jesus – What Commands?

Right.  That’s what I was saying too not to long ago.  in fact,  I didn’t even know what a lord was or meant much less what Jesus is Lord means until I saw Howard Pittman’s Testimony

But Lo and Behold – the Commands of Jesus are Absolutely Key to Entering into Heaven, to Overcoming as Mentioned in Revelation, to Becoming Holy, for Becoming Fruitful and to Stop Being a Worker of Lawlessness which Makes One an Obedient Follower of Satan instead of an Obedient Follower of Jesus of Which in the End Workers of Lawlessness

Look, If You Are Not Sure You Are Doing the Right Thing in Christ, if You Are Not Sure You Understand What All of Those Scary Verses Mean in New Testament Then You Can Know for Sure that You Are in Trouble!

  • You’ve been highly trained and are continually bombarded by the commands of Satan that get you to pursue yourself in this world and please your flesh, pursuing happiness of the heart for the flesh
  • Most “Christian” Denominations and Religions do not teach the entire Bible these days.  Plus they cut the 2nd 1/2 of the great commission out.
  • Most people don’t know what most sins are.  Check out this list of 667 sins and start repenting out of them for that matter, immediately – it will blow your mind as the expression goes.  I had no clue of most of them!  Repent.  Heaven and Hell is a lot more serious than what “positive preaching” lets on it to be.
  • See this testimony of Hyun Sook Na who has visited Heaven and Hell for over 20 years
  • I’ve found that the Bible verses that I have glossed over all of these years, although I read them many times were what I was breaking the worst!  When you start to look up what each command of Jesus means starting with a regular dictionary! then you can go on to a Greek interlinear at  and then ask the Lord directly, after all He is your One and Only Teacher – He will certainly help you, just listen up!

Here is a response I gave to an old friend.  I thought it could be helpful to you:

Yes i’m talking about the 1/2 of the great commission that has gotten left out – obedience to the commands of Jesus. Understanding what that means in that obeying Jesus commands and putting them into practice, making them our new habits, which a habit is an action we believe in, we believe is good – installing Jesus commands into ourselves cancels out the commands of the world, which are the commands of Satan we’ve been following from growing up in the world and weak denominations.

We make Jesus our Lord by believing in Him which includes in believing in what He says.   His commands frees us from Satan’s commands that were brainwashed into us and that the world follows. By installing Jesus commands and uninstalling Satan’s we become lawful instead of lawless (the lawless are rejected by Jesus in that He says away from me I never knew you), we become holy instead of unholy workers of unrighteousness, we produce fruit for the Kingdom of the 4th seed kind, we ingest, assimilate Jesus eating His Body and drinking His Blood since He is the Word of God and through obedience we overcome the world as required in Revelation.

If we don’t obey Him He says we don’t love Him.  If we don’t obey Him He and the Father with not abide in use.  If we don’t obey Him we can not call Him a friend nor will He call us a friend.  Jesus commands are any verse that is said in a command style or an implied command style by Jesus personally or by Jesus as expounded upon through the apostles in the New Testament.  Once we hear the command, then understand it, we can start to do the command, then the Lord teaches us, works with us in real time, well after we ask for His help.

My life has made a dramatic change in goodness and fruit bearing after I started installing the commands of Jesus.  I can hear His voice more as well.  Plenty of installing to go.  But check out and the free downloads section with the volume Bible Reading System and Plans.  Also see the 667 sins list – a huge help – need to repent out of.  See and Hyun Sook Na testimony.  These  things will help a ton bear fruit and get fully on track to eternity and you’ll know it.

Unfortunately we are in the great falling away and many denominations are way off track which is why we see so much sin in churches.  They don’t know what sin is, they follow the world, follow political correctness scam, they don’t what a Lord is, they don’t even know that Jesus gave a command except for the one verse where He said “This is my command”. Jesus is ignored and His words are treated as “nice sayings” at best, yet, not to be obeyed without question or option.  After all if He is our Lord, He is our Master and we are His servants, which means slaves.  We better do what our Master tells us to do…
So that’s where I’m at these days.  But bottom line:  it works, just as mentioned in the 4th seed and the verses regarding commands (ie look up “command” (i’m thinking KJV) in like and you’ll get a list of all verses in the New Testament that have “command” in them and see the verses in John especially.

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