2 Corinthians 5:15 And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.

This scripture is one that inspires me a lot as a believer in Christ Jesus. We have believed the gospel; learnt of God’s love to us, all he did for us and the promises we have in his word. For one who has done and is doing all these for us, what does he expect of us? What does this one who has kept me alive expect of me? This one who daily loads me with benefits, heals my ailing body and has blessed me in all things; what does he really expect of me?

One thing that must be clear in your heart every single day you are alive on earth is that the life you live is not yours. Jesus paid for you and he expects you to live your life for him. As one who has received the gospel, you cannot afford to keep doing the things you feel like doing anymore because right now you have a boss; someone you are answerable to. We all are answerable to our creator and even if doesn’t come querying you right now, there is a day of judgement where every one of us will give an account to God of how we led our lives.

We must have our thoughts and words and actions strictly aligned to only what he wants. When we gave our hearts to him, we confessed him as Saviour and Lord of our lives. If Jesus is the Lord of your life then your lifestyle must reveal his lordship.

Another reason why we must live our lives for Jesus Christ is because he has the blueprint and plan of our lives. We did not create ourselves; he created us and he created us for a purpose. Your coming into this world did not take God unawares; he brought you into this world for a particular reason and true success in life is measured by how much you fulfil God’s calling for your life.

You require guidance to be able to successfully make it through life’s challenges. You need his voice at every decision point. You need God on your side if you want to go through life as a victor. This guidance is only possible when you both are on the same page. God will not sponsor dreams that are in contrast to his will for you.

I employ you today to live your life in a manner that reflects what Christ desires for you at every turn. Seek his will and opinion in every matter and let what he wants supersede take first place in all of your decision making.

God bless you.  

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