One of the most important habits you must inculcate this year is that of prayer. Prayer is our avenue of talking with God. For some, Prayer is simply talking ‘to’ God but God intended for it to be a 2 way thing; you talk to him and He talks to you. 
The importance of prayer cannot be over emphasized. in a world full of challenges and trials to our faith, we cannot stay away from talking with our heavenly father. Some people would rather talk to their friends or family members when they are faced with issues, however God made a way for us to talk with Him, who is able to do all things and to change any situation. 
A human being can only offer you human advice and most times, such solutions are either futile or unable to last in the long run. God asked us to Call upon him in the day of trouble, he promised to deliver us. 
God has extended an invitation to you; In Matthew 7:7 the Lord Jesus said we should Ask and we will receive an answer. Today, lift up your voice and ask the Lord for whatever is troubling you and then go the next step which is to receive. Jesus said; Whosoever asketh receiveth. 
Today, you can receive answers to whatever challenge you are faced with. Ask in faith, with an expectation to receive and God will answer you. Go ahead right now, ask him for whatever your desires are. He promised to hear you and to grant you your heart’s desires. 
Glory to His holy name. 
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