“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”

Such a simple and overlooked command from the Bible. Unfortunately for those who glaze over this concept and do not digest what it means, they missed the core meaning and understanding of the Bible and their purpose of creation itself.

The term “repent” means to turn from and turn it towards, to change one’s mind. Here’s a Merriam-Webster definition of the word repent.

People get caught up, tripped up on this concept. Repenting is not just saying sorry!  Repenting requires a change of heart where you turn away from the bad thing and never do that again and you turn towards a good thing and you start doing that.

The active repenting, From my personal experience, comprises the following:

  • Repenting comprises first acknowledging or realizing your current way of thinking and believing. So in order to turn away from a current way of thinking or believing you must first realize what you our thinking and believing. A lot of times we don’t even know what we believe or where we even got our current belief.  I’ve noticed myself picking up ways of thinking, beliefs just from not even paying attention while watching a TV show or listening to something on the radio!  I’ve noticed before that I’ve had wrong beliefs that I picked up in grade school and high school that we’re getting me in trouble.  These are just things that people said that without thinking accepted.  And the dangerous thing is that I and you are accountable for all our beliefs!
  • Repenting also requires a new way of believing or thinking.  You have to identify and understand the new way of thinking or believing so you can change the way you think and believe to the new way.
  • Repenting requires you having an open mind and soft heart in order to test what is true and not be biased.  This can also be called humility. Those are humble are open to the voice of God.  Those who are humble are open and willing to hear all sides of the story in order to test what is right and true.  Those who are humble have more clear access to their conscience, the source of right and wrong instilled in us by our Creator.
  • The active repenting in my experience requires a letting go first in order to attach on to the new way. So I have to let go of the old way, be okay with being wrong, accept that I made a mistake, accept that it’s okay to make mistakes and accept that it’s okay to be wrong.
  • Biblically speaking it helps to understand that it is okay to be wrong because we can be forgiven. God really wants us to overcome bad ways of thinking, cons set by this world, our ego and break through all of that in order to reach out to him, seek Him come all want Him, what to get right with Him and love Him.  Why?  Because it means a lot!  You overcame the challenge of this world, you burst your barriers of suffering or perceived suffering, you burst through your own shyness in order to go after God, seek Him, get right with Him, desire Him, like Him, Love Him and want to spend time with Him.  After all he is your Creator and whether you know it or not He actually created you for love – that you love Him and that He loves you whereas there is an awesome relationship experience.  That’s pretty much the meaning of life!

And if you repent, turn to God Who in turn will allow you to believe in Jesus. Then you can join the heavenly family of God and have God as your father. But you need to join the family.  And you can’t join the holy heavenly family as a sinful human so you have to be covered, covered by Jesus.  What does that mean? In order to make restitution for sin something living must die.  You can call that a principal of the universe because sin is death and it must be offset through life in order to balance out universe.

In the past animal sacrifice was offered. But God the Father made a new way,(although it was planned from old) where as Jesus the Son of God, the First born Son of God, would come to Earth and voluntarily allow himself to be killed as a sacrifice, a one time, final sacrifice for our sins. So by believing, trusting, abiding and taking in Christ Jesus, Jesus then covers us over with himself allowing our sinful past to be covered, as if Jesus is a type of Holy Cloak, Covering that allows us to be in the presence of Holy God Almighty, Creator of the universe.

So today, at this very moment, cry out to God directly, With utmost sincerity and tell God all you want to turn away from the wrong way and get right with Him. Ask Him for help to understand what your sins are and to be able to let go of them.  Then ask God for help on turning towards Him completely.  Then ask God to show you how to become born into heaven and be become one of his children in Heaven.  Ask him to show you the way and help you believe.

So do that today, at this moment.  Ask Him for help, especially since we live in a culture that does not know or understand the Bible very well anymore.  You’re going to need help with several principles.  So ask for help!  Your eternity is on the line. You never know when you’re going to die.  And eternity is a long time.  It is a disastrous thing to gamble with eternity and not get your eternal destination set right now..




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