The Christian walk is a walk of faith. This is n ot a religion or a set of rituals. This is a life; a real life we have been called to live.

Today’s theme scripture lets us know that the word of God made all things and that the word of God is God. If the word was God then the word is still God.  This means that the written word is God. That’s so powerful; because anything that comes out of God is God.

God is infinite; anything that comes out of God is God. Every breath from God, any touch, thought, any instruction from God is God. That is why the word says whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world. That means that whatsoever proceeds from God overcomes the world. This means that every scripture from God is God breathed and hence have overcome the world.

If I’m in any problem in my life and I can find a word from God on that matter, it means my victory is guaranteed. If I can meditate on a thought from God; if I can have a thought from God come into my heart; that’s God working in me. If I can bring the word of God to bare in any situation I have brought God upon that situation. The word was God; that means the word of God is God. He can change anything, he can affect my body. He can touch my mind, and he can touch my finances. He can heal my body. He can do something in my life. How? Through the word of God because the word is God.

All I need is to speak a word from God. All I need is to think a thought from God. He can fix the problem. If the word made all things, the word can still make all things perfect for me today. The word is still God. He can heal that child. He can touch my brain. If I can meditate and declare the word of God, I have brought God on the scene. If I can mutter the word, if I can speak the word, if I can say the word of God over that situation again and again; I can be rest assured that God has been brought into the matter. That is why he said to Joshua to meditate on the word; think about it, mutter it to yourself day and night that your way may be prosperous and you will have good success. He told Timothy to meditate on these things, give himself wholly to them that his profiting may appear to all. The word of God is God and hence is all you need. What will you do with the word of God? Will you speak the word over that situation or will you feel despondent and helpless like there’s no help for you?

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