Last term we began our study on your tongue and your future and we looked at the life of Job. We discovered a number of things about him one of which is the fact that He was described as a righteous and perfect man. As we studied however we discovered that he was a good man who talked wrongly so much that his words eventually showed up in his life.

We also learnt that for every believer, there is a hedge; a wall of protection built by God himself as cover for all His children. The wall of protection is there 24 hours of the day whether or not you are conscious of it.

Now, if the above is true, what happens when we hear of impeding danger or troubles ahead? What should be our response? This is our direction of discourse today.

As people who live on earth, we will always hear of troubles, problems and challenges of all kinds. Jesus while he was on earth specifically employed his disciples not to be afraid or let their hearts fail them for fear. Why? Because there definitely will arise things that can attack your faith and confidence in God. So what do you do when you hear of such sad news?

When God spoke unto Joshua, he specifically admonished him to be strong and very courageous. In fact in that chapter (Joshua 1), God said he should “Be courageous” over and over again. In other words, he should Fear Not. Someone counted over 300 ‘Fear Not’s in the Bible. So, why would God ask you to Fear Not? It’s simple. In your faith walk, you could come across situations, incidents that could challenge your faith. You might look around and it seems as though God is on a holiday. So he says; regardless of what you see, FEAR NOT. Don’t let fear come in. Don’t talk fear. Don’t speak as one who has not faith. You must strengthen your faith and trust in the word of God. Don’t let the evil information around put you down. Fear Not; He says.

Job was troubled by the tragedies on going in his world. Often times, people would present bad news to him and he was not quiet about it. He was not just living in fear, he was voicing his fears and eventually the thing which he greatly feared came upon him.

God has not given us the Spirit of fear. Fear is an outside force and this is why as God’s Child you must learn to meditate on the word of God. Meditation drives the word of God deep into your Spirit. When the word takes over your Spirit, you can respond by the Spirit against any contrary or negative information. The word in your spirit will overpower the information on your mind.

Don’t live your life like Job. Live your life from God’s stand point of peace and faith and authority. Jesus said; NOTHING shall by any means hurt you and he meant it when he said it.

Use your tongue rightly today and you will see yourself excel and be victorious on every count.

God bless you. 

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